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Inspiration from the competition in PPC can be a great foundation for creating your own campaigns. But who is the biggest competitor from the paid search results' point of view? What ads do they use? Which of them work and why? Marketing Miner, with the help of SERP Ads Miner, offers user data on advertisers and advertisements in paid search results that can be used to answer those questions and help with their own campaigns.

Import of phrases, for which a user wants to collect data on ads in search results

To collect data on ads in search results, it is necessary to first specify queries, from which a miner should collect data. To do this, a user uses the section Keyword Miners, where they import dataset of phrases using one of the methods of import.

Then, a user selects the country, for which he wants to collect data, by clicking on the flag next to the button Select Miners and by clicking on it, they get to the miner selection

Selection of SERP Ads miner and data collection

In the miner selection section, a user selects SERP Ads Miner, which will scan individual phrases and collects data on ads, displayed about given queries, from search engines.

User then clicks on Get data, which will move them into data processing section. Based on data volume, they are processed in the background and once completed, results are emailed to a user.

Column description

Phrase: Phrase, for which the data on advertisers were collected
Title: Ad title
Description: Ad description
Position: Ad position (Header, Sidebar, Footer)
Rank: Ad ranking (arranged form ranking number 1))
Visible URL: Visible URL of the ad for a user
URL: Real URL, where a user gets to, after clicking on the ad
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