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Suggestion tools are one of the basic grounds for keyword analysis. They help user discover, what queries are suggested when specific input is imported and then broaden an awareness about searched queries. Marketing Miner helps users collect data that these tools would suggest, from various sources (search engines, comparison tools,...).

Import of words that a user wants to get suggested phrases for

To find out, what phrases for specific input would services such as search engines, comparison tools, etc., suggest, it is necessary to first import particular phrases into the tool. To do so, a user uses the section Keyword Miners, where he imports dataset of phrases, using one of the methods of imports.

After that, a user selects the country, for which he wants to collect data, by clicking on the flag next to button Miner selection and by clicking on this he gets to the miner selection

Miner selection and data collection

In the miner selection, a user selects Suggest,which will help him get data on imported inquiries, from suggestion tools from various services. The service selection is limited by specified country that a user want to collect data on, meaning for Czech market there are going to be different sources from suggestion tools, then when selecting US market.

User then clicks on Get data, which will move them into data processing section. Based on data volume, they are processed in the background and once completed, results are emailed to a user.

Output example

Miner report example

Column description

Keyword: Phrases that were downloaded from suggestion tool
Source: Source that was used to download data
Suggest: Suggested phrases
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