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Last modified: 18.10.2022
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Categorization, classification, sorting keywords. You can name it as you wish, but in general, we are talking about sorting keywords according to their meaning in different thematic categories. You have probably met with this activity while working with a bigger dataset of keywords, very often when doing keyword analysis for SEO or PPC purposes.

In practice, it means, that you are adding more columns to your keywords data. Each column represents a specific category (you can also run into the term dimension in SEO dictionary). And then you sort your keywords into these categories.

Categorization may look like this:

Keywords categorization example

Product categories won’t be the same for each keyword analysis. Sometimes there is a material or motive, other time there is function or a property.

We recommend using Excel, OpenRefine, or Marketing Miner to categorize products, which, unfortunately, doesn’t currently offer full functionality in the English version. However, if you have Czech or Polish projects, you can rely on Marketing Miner in this case.

In practice

Categorization of products is a useful thing for SEO or PPC specialists. Below are some practical examples of how to use it:

  • Building the entire information architecture of the site.
  • Creating a new category on the page.
  • Creating new landing pages.
  • Creating new content (for example on a blog).
  • Writing content and metadata on the page.

Now let’s show you how you can try categorizing your products with Marketing Miner.

Inserting the keywords you want to categorize

Get started by clicking on Create report button and specifying Keywords at the input. Then write or copy the dataset of the keywords you want to categorize.

Keywords categorization - insert data

For a report to be easily identifiable, it is good to name it. Simply click into Your Report Name field.

Then click on the flag to select the country for which you want to get the data and finish by clicking on Next Step.

Selection of the miner

In the Keyword Information section, click on Miner Categorization. Nothing else needs to be set. Click on Get Data to start processing your inputs.

Categorization miner

Output example

Column description

In the column Keyword is your keyword. Each additional column represents a specific category.

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