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Keyword Suggestions API

Keyword Search Volume API

Website Profiler

How to get started with MM affiliate program

Competing domains

Trending keywords

Competing pages

Content gap

What are Featured Snippets and how to optimize your content

New keywords


What is a sitemap and how to create one

Keyword suggestions

Top subdomains


Top pages

Search visibility

Robots.txt: what is it and how does it work

Marketing Miner WordPress plugin

Getting started with Marketing Miner


Core Web Vitals

Projects API

What is Google PageRank

What is anchor text

The importance of a good link profile

What is SERP Competition Score

What are SERP features? Common types on Google

What is SERP visibility

What is a crawl budget

What is a link

Project reports


Marketing plan

Creating and managing a project

Brand Monitoring

Backlink monitoring

Rank Tracking

Domain Availability

Structured Data Checker

Related Search

Keyword Difficulty

Validity Checker

Landing page

Hreflang Checker


Website Categorization


URL Indexability Checker

Technology Detection

Social Signals

Keyword Categorization

Status Code

Keyword Suggestions from Google Keyword Planner

Broken Link Checker

Page Speed

SERP Analysis

Link Prospecting


Backlink Checker


Content Analysis

SERP Position

Plagiarism Checker

Index Checker

Search Volume

Data analysis of exported data

How to import data to create a report

How to split up big dataset into smaller ones

Tool Introduction

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