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Last modified: 15.03.2023
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Viditelnost domén a URL v organickém i placeném vyhledávání říká hodně o tom, jak autoritativním a dobrým partnerem/inzerentem může web být. Marketing Miner průběžně crawluje data o nejhledanějších dotazech pro podporované země a k nim získávání informace o výskytu domén ve výsledcích vyhledávání.

These outputs can then be retrieved in bulk either through the interface or through a simple REST API to discover:

  • What is the estimated traffic from searches the domain or URL has
  • How its attendance has evolved over time
  • What is the share of each search result extension in its traffic (paid ads, organic results, shopping ads, local pack,…)

Examples of what this API endpoint can be used for

  • Analyzing the visibility of a set of domains (or URLs) and accordingly determining their authority in search results
  • Identify domains that have significantly increased/decreased in search engine visibility
  • Competitor analysis and identification of which competitors are growing/declining
  • Obtaining information on which domains were impacted by the algorithm updates

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  • /websites/stats – Domain statistics (summary statistics of URL/domain visibility in search engines)
  • /websites/stats-range – Domain statistics over time (per day/week/month)

URL endpoints:

Mandatory parameters

  • api_token – Your API key, which can be used by paid accounts with more than 1 million. credits can be found in the user profile. If you want to try the API without paying, just email us at and we will make the API available to you.
Profiler API key
  • lang – Country for which you want to retrieve data (currently available: us, gb, cs, sk, pl)
  • type – Identify whether you want to get output data for the entire domain and subdomains, domain, URL, or the prefix of the URL. Possible values: exact, prefix, domain, subdomain
  • target – Domain/URL for which you want to retrieve data

Sample endpoint usage:

Sample URL of the endpoint query (just add your own API key):[API_TOKEN]
Visibility statistics of websites in API search - sample output

Limits and price

  • Rate limit: 60 queries/minute
  • Number of credits per keyword: 10

Examples of API usage from external articles

No article yet.

INFO: Pokud napíšete článek o použití našeho API, ozvěte se nám na a my zde rádi doplníme váš článek.
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