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Last modified: 17.10.2022
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The Marketing Miner database contains a large number of keywords for multiple countries (listed below). Thanks to our API and large database, you can quickly analyze data in bulk and find keyword suggestions for queries searched in different countries. 

Current statistics of the Marketing Miner’s keyword database:

CountryNumber of searched keywords in DBS
United States (US)163,732,422
United Kingdom (UK)150,777,045
Czech Republic38,449,748

Keyword Suggestions API common uses 

  • Collecting data for keyword research
  • Creating content clusters for new content 

API documentation

API Endpoint URL

Required parameters

  • api_token – Your API key. You can generate your API key after upgrading to any paid subscription plan with at least 1 million credits (Digger, Machine or Custom plans). To get an API key, navigate to the user profile section. If you want to try our API and see how it works without purchasing our plans first, just contact our team at and we will make the API accessible to you free of charge. 
API token (key) in user_profile
  • lang – Enter the country for which you want to obtain data (currently available: us, gb, cs, sk, pl).
  • keyword – Add the keyword for which you want to retrieve data. 

Example request  

Sample keyword suggestions endpoint URL (just add your API key):[API_TOKEN]
Keyword Suggestions API output

Limits and prices

Each API request will cost you credits. We also limited the speed of sending queries to ensure the continuous operation of our APIs for all clients. 

  • API restriction: 60 keywords per minute
  • API price: 10 credits per keyword 

Keyword Suggestions API use cases

* There is currently no content for this section. 

INFO: Please get in touch if you want to share examples of how you automatize your keyword research with the Keyword Suggestions API that might be of help to others. Email us at, and we will be happy to add your usage examples.
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