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By linking up the Marketing Miner with the Ahrefs tool, a user can collect interesting data on URL or domains. To activate it, it is necessary to have a paid subscription account for the Ahrefstool. After signing into the Ahrefs account, it is necessary to link it up with the miner and that can be done by clicking on Link up in the URL miners section in step 2 (Miner selection).A user is then redirected to Ahrefs website where he confirms the link up and then he can use data from Ahrefs right in the Marketing Miner.

A user can then obtain data on a number of referring domains, IP or a number of backlinks for particular URL or domains from Ahrefs.

Input data selection

First, a user has to decide if he wants to collect data on the entire domain or on a particular URL. Ahrefs miner is located in Domain miners, as well as in URL miners. Based on that, a user selects what kind of data he wants to collect. Ahrefs in URL miners obtains data only on particular URL. Ahrefs in Domain miners obtains data on the entire domain including all the URL falling under the particular domain.

Miner selection

In the second step, after a user gets to the Miner selection section, he then selects the Ahrefs miner and clicks on Get data.

Output analysis

A user gets a table metrics as an output, regarding input domains/URL. The output can look like this:

Example of output report

Column description

Referring domains: Number of referring domains, leading to a particular domain/URL
Backlinks: Number of backlinks, leading to a particular domain/URL
Referring pages: Number of pages from which links lead to a particular domain/URL
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