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Last modified: 12.10.2022
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Would you like to know which keywords are covered by your competitors but you are not covering them yet? The Content gap section in the Website Profiler will help you find these keywords with just one click.

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Content gap section 

Open the Website Profiler and insert your domain (for example, domain and scroll to the Content Gap section, where you will find the Content Gap form for entering the competitors’ domains. Enter the domains or URLs of your competitors in this form (e.g. and and press the button View keywords

Content gap section - enter your competitors' domains that you want to analyze
TIP: In addition to your domain, you can enter URLs to find keywords that cover specific competing URLs against yours.

Content gap table

NOTE: With the Minee plan in the Content gap table, you are able to see only the first ten keywords that cover your competitors, and you don’t. If you would like to see all keywords covered by your competitors, you will need to purchase one of the paid plans.

Once you click the View keywords button, you’ll see the table with the information in the following columns:

  • Keyword – A keyword covered by at least one of your competitors and not by you yet.
  • Total search volume – How many times a keyword is searched per month on average during the previous 12-month period. 
  • Number of competitors – The number of analyzed competitors who cover the given keyword.
  • Your domain – The domain or URL you entered into the Website Profiler’s input. In this column, you will see in every row 100+, which means you don’t cover the given keyword within the first 100 positions in search.
  • Competitors’ domains – Domains or URLs of competitors you added at the beginning to the analysis form (each competitor represents a separate column). In these columns, you are able to see the competitors’ position in the search for the specific keyword. The competitor whose position is the best will have this number tinted green.
Content gap section in the Website profiler


Above the table on the right side is the Filters button, which filtrates the results according to the following columns:

  • Total search volume (less than, more than, value between)
  • Number of competitors (less than, more than, value between)

Content gap table export

Entire Content Gap table with keywords that cover your competitors, but you do not is possible to download in Excel form by pressing the button Export Data, which you can find above the table on the right side (just right next to Filters button).

NOTE: The cost of downloading the data about the one keyword covered by your competitors, but not you, cost 5 credits.

How to work with Content gap data

The data from this section are useful for: 

  • Content Gap Analysis – Advantageous section to find the keywords covered by your competitors that bring them traffic and are not covered by you yet. This analysis is practical for you to enrich the future content strategy with these keywords and cover them with some landing pages (category, blog article, product page). 
  • Expanding the products’ range – Within the keywords, you will also find the products’ phrases which might be helpful for the e-shops owners to consider expanding the products’ range for the products that appear in this analysis on the leading positions. 
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