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Last modified: 27.02.2023
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Have you already tried our Keyword profiler features such as keyword suggestions or questions? Great news, you can now also work with New keywords, which collects all keyword suggestions from queries searched in the last year.

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After adding your keyword to Keyword profiler in the New Keywords section, you will be able to view metrics for all new keyword suggestions. You can find them right at the top in three boxes with the following data summary:

  • Number of suggestions
  • Total search volume
  • Average CPC

New keyword suggestions 

Below the new keyword data overview, you will find a table with suggestions for all recently used searches that are also related to your keyword. In this section, you can view information such as:  

  • Keyword search volume – average monthly search volume on Google (during the previous 12-month period). 
  • CPC – average cost per click in Google Ads.
  • Difficulty – a number that represents the difficulty of ranking for the keyword in the top 10 search results. The higher the number in the difficulty column, the harder it is to rank for the top positions.
  • YoY Search volume change – a percentage value that represents the percentage of year-over-year change comparing the monthly search volume of the last month with the same month of the previous year.
  • Trends – search volume of the keyword in individual months searched within the last 12 months.
  • SERP features – this column displays a list of SERP features that appear in the search results for the given keyword.

New keyword suggestions use data from Marketing Miner’s internal database, which collects clickstream information (third-party data about user behavior) for each market. Currently, we have collected keyword data for the following markets:

  • United States – 165 million keywords 
  • United Kingdom – 152 million keywords 
  • Czech Republic – 39 million keywords 
  • Hungary – 9 million keywords 
  • Poland – 29 million keywords 
  • Slovakia – 8 million keywords

The keywords from Marketing Miner’s database are not sensitive to capitalization, word order, or diacritics. 


Above the table on the right is the Filters button, which filters the results according to the following columns:

  • Keyword – contains/doesn’t contain
  • Search volume – less than/greater than/between
Filters in keyword profiler

Exporting new keywords

You can download the entire list of trending keywords in Excel format by clicking the Export Data button. The report charges 5 credits per keyword to download. 

INFO: Exporting data for 1 keyword (one data row) will cost 5 credits.

How to work with new keywords data 

This feature will help you discover new keywords that have become popular within the last year.

Using these trending keywords in your content strategy can be very effective, as there may not be enough content currently on the topic and there is a high chance of ranking for these terms as well.

Once you have downloaded all the suggestions, remove the keywords that are not relevant to your business. You can then use them in your keyword research to identify the following:

  • Keyword opportunities – enter the suggestions of keywords that you’ve missed out to the Landing Page miner to see if any pages cover such queries already. As these keywords have been trending only recently, it’s highly possible that none of your pages cover them. 
  • New product ideas  – if you have an eCommerce site, this data can help you come up with new product ideas to expand your offering. This is typical especially for new product models (Samsung Galaxy s21, iPhone pro max…). 
  • Keywords with high potential – identify keywords with high search volume but low competition, so-called low-hanging fruit keywords. To identify such keywords, add another column in your keyword spreadsheet and name it as Opportunity score. Then add the following formula: Search Volume/(Competition +1). The higher the number, the better performance. As more searched keywords with lower competition are ideally what you want to achieve. Use our SERP competition miner to find out difficulty metrics for your keywords.  

Implement these keywords into your content strategy and monitor their performance regularly to see how they affect your rankings and search visibility. 

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