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Structured data can be used to tell search engine specific data and information about your website and its contents. It might be products, locations or recipes. There are many possible uses for structured data. Google uses them to display enhanced and more informative search results.

With structured data you can quite simply achieve better search engine results for your website. There are few different markup schemas for structured data. For example JSON-LD or Microdata. Structured Data Checker can help you validate which pages contain structured data and which specific entities are used.

Input URL a user wants to collect data for

To input data, a user uses the URL Miners section, where he imports URL dataset using one of the import methods.

Selecting miner and collecting data

In the miner selection section click on the Structured Data Checker miner which is used for checking the structured data implementation.

Then, a user clicks on Get data, which will take him to the data processing section. Depending on the data volume, its processing will be done in the background and once completed, emailed to the user.

Miner output

The output is going to be a table with several columns which will contain info on a structured data status, markup type and specific entites.

Example of miner report

Column description

Input: URL for which that data was collected
Structured data found: Information if there are any structured data
Markup type: Type of found markup
Found entities: Entities found on page
Status: Implementation status of structured data

Attachment to a project

A completed report can be attached to a previously created project.

Output analysis

In column Structured data found focus on rows that contain no but structured data should be implemented on those pages.

In column Status focus on rows that don't contain value "OK". Fix all errors and run another check.

Tips on how to use it in practice

We recommend inputting mainly URL that return status code 200. Specific structured data errors can be debugged with tool Structured Data Testing Tool by Google.


Structured data should be validated after first implementation and after web modifications that can affect structured data. For monitoring errors continuously you can use report Structured Data in Google Search Console.
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