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Last modified: 17.10.2022
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Automatic website categorization will help you automatically categorize individual domains depending on what type of site it is. It can be an eshop, magazine, blog, social network or discussion forum.

In practice

You will use website categorization mostly when working on link prospecting. For example, if you have a large number of websites and you need to exclude irrelevant domains for link building like eshops or social networks. In some cases, you need to focus on a specific type of site, such as blogs or news, which you can quickly find by filtering out these categories.

Import data

Get started by clicking on Create report button and specifying Domains at the input. Then write or copy the dataset of the domains for which you want to find out the type of the website.

Website categorization - insert data

If you have all domains in one document, you don’t have to copy them, but you can easily import the entire file with the list. To do this, click on the Insert Files section in the left sidebar.

Website categorization report data

For a report to be easily identifiable, it is good to name it. Simply click into Your Report Name field.

Then click on the flag to select the country for which you want to get the data and finish by clicking on Next Step.

Selection of the Miner

In the Website Analysis section, click on Miner Website Categorization. Nothing else needs to be set. Click on Get Data to start processing your inputs.

Website categorization miner

Output example

Column description

  • Input: Domain, that you entered at the input.
  • Categorization: Type / category of website.

Output analysis

In your report, you can also see a graphical overview of each website category.

website category graph

Now you can filter those that are interesting to you or those that are not. You can easily sort the output by category or export a report into the spreadsheet and use the filter function in Excel afterward.

Regarding link building, you will definitely be interested in content sites such as:

  • blogs
  • news
  • magazines

You will be less interested in eshops and commercial sites.

In some cases, discussion forums can be interesting for you as well. For example, when you are doing research on a particular topic, or you want to engage in a discussion to strengthen your brand.

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