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Last modified: 13.10.2020
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Do you regularly create reports for certain projects you have in Marketing Miner? You can pin finished reports to the project to have a better overview which project does the given report belong to and repeat them at any time in the future with one click.

Creating a project

If you want to start using Project reports you need to create a project first. In case you haven’t created a project yet you may do so by clicking the button below.

TIP: You can get more information on how to create a project step by step in this article:

How to pin a report to a project

If you have created a project, go to finished reports section where you can open the report you want to pin to the project.

Reports section

After opening the report you’ll find a drop-down menu on the left panel where you can select a specific project to pin the report to.

PIN report to project

Project reports section

When you pin a report to a project you can go to Project reports section where you’ll find a list of pinned reports.

Pinned project reports

In this section you have the following options by clicking the buttons:

  • Repeat report processing
  • Download report
  • View report
  • Unpin report
Actions - pinned projects

Use in practice

  • You can use this section mainly to make your Marketing Miner account clearer and to know which reports belong to which projects. You can also go back to them regularly.
  • You should run some types of reports such as checking the functionality of backlinks or page load speed check on a regular basis. Once you enter the input data for which you want to run the report simply pin the report to the project and then run a report once a month in this section. You don’t have to enter the input data to the report anew and save time in this way.
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