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The Competition section helps you monitor and compare competitors’ search rankings (for up to 5 competitors). It also includes a Market Share metric for more data insights (we will cover this later on). 

Having access to this data will allow you to easily check your website’s visibility in search results for different keywords (that you can set up in the SERP rank tracking and monitoring section) against your competitors. 

TIP: You need to set up a project first to be able to monitor your competitor’s rankings. Find out how to create new project in Marketing Miner here: 

Why use it? 

You will find the Competition section especially useful when working on competitor research to find out how your rivals are doing in search results. 

If you notice any big changes in your competitor’s ranking, we recommend you looking at what on-page or off-page SEO changes they implemented for more insights. 

Now, let’s take a look at how you can easily track your competitor’s ranking for different keywords in Google thanks to Marketing Miner. 

Competition section

When you successfully create a project, go to the Competition section in the left menu.  

Competition section in Marketing Miner projects

The report should look something like this: 

Competitors settings

Now, click on the Competitors settings button to enter all competitor domains you would like to track (for example,  

Competitor domains

When you add all competitors, click on Save changes (you can always return to this section to change/add domains). 

Return to the Competition section and refresh the page to see your rivals. At the beginning, you will only see question marks instead of the actual competitors’ ranking data as it loads after the first measurement of your project (if you set up to measure your project daily, your data will appear the next day).

This is what you should see next: 

Competition section in Marketing Miner

In the right top corner you can find the Competitor settings section.

Based on the competitors ranking collected data, you can calculate Market Share metric too (see the top image). 

What is the Market Share metric?

Market share is the percentage of how many keywords the website shows up for in the top 10 search results (the first page of SERPs). To determine this metric, you can use the following formula: 

[The number of keywords ranked on the first page of SERPs] / [Total number of keywords] * 100
Market Share metric

The higher the number, the better! 🙂 

TIP: If you need to find ranking keywords for your site and your competitors, SERP Position miner will be your best friend! Take a look at our sample report to see what data you can track: 

The Competition section example

If you still haven’t created new project and would like to know how this section looks like, you can take a look at it below: 

Input analysis and measuring SEO performance 

You should aim to have the highest Market Share value amongst your competitors. Firstly, you need to focus on improving your keyword rankings that are important for your business and that your competitors are ranking higher for. 

When you decide to improve your rankings and implement changes on your website, don’t forget to monitor all website traffic changes that might be affected by them. 

Also keep in mind that it takes time to crawl and reindex your content and you won’t be able to see changes straight away when investigating whether the implemented changes have impacted your rankings positively or negatively. If the changes caused a ranking growth for different keywords, it’s obvious that your work has a positive impact and you should also apply these changes to different content. 

If your rankings dropped, it’s good to reverse the changes and patiently wait to see if the drop was caused by the changes that were made to the website or by something else (for example, an algorithm update). 

We recommend you not focus on just specific keywords, but look at the overall results (Market Share metric). As some implemented changes can have positive impact only on a small number of queries, whereas the average rank (Market share) could drop in the meantime.    

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