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Last modified: 13.10.2020
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Rankings in search engines are one thing but how do you keep track of their progression if you have hundreds or thousands of them? A summary of rank change will not be useful in such case because you don’t know whether it was a decrease in important queries with a high search volume from top rankings or if it was rank change in non-searched queries and drops from 50th to 60th position.

Marketing Miner uses SERP visibility metric for this exact reason, which represents estimated traffic that tracked queries can bring to your project.

How to calculate SERP visibility?

This metric represents an estimated monthly traffic from tracked queries in a project. It is defined as a ratio between the query search volume and a click through rate of a rank it currently has.

The output is a metric that reflects shifts in ranks based on their potential. A fall from the 1st to the 3rd position in search results for the searched query has much bigger impacts on SERP visibility than a fall from 50th to 53rd position.

How is CTR of positions calculated?

A click through rate of individual positions in search results was estimated based on foreign research. CTR of ranks in search results was estimated based on available data.

The following table is the output and it shows the estimated CTR of positions in search engines:

The above shown table is used to calculate SERP visibility score. So for example if a query has a search volume 100 and the web of a project is on the 1. position, SERP visibility is calculated as:

100 * 0.1935 = 19.35

The first position for a given query will probably bring you almost 20 visits a month and SERP visibility metric will be increased by exactly this amount.

How is SERP visibility used?

This metric can be found in the project summary and reflects how the website is successful in terms of search results. It can be used to track impact of your SEO acitvities without any need to check rankings of individual queries.

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