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Marketing Miner can track and monitor mentions for your brand or for a specific keyword based on the data available across web pages. (Note: At this time, it can not yet detect mentions from social media.)

To start using mentions monitoring, you need to first clarify what you want to keep track of and why it is important for you. In general, you can monitor mentions from three different categories:

Mentions about your brand.
Mentions about your competition.
Mentions of the keywords that are relevant to your business.

Why is it important to track these mentions on the Internet?

In practice

Mentions about your brand:

Mentions monitoring is one of the popular (passive) link building activities. If someone wrote about you but did not link to your site, you can reach out to them and ask for a link.
If someone has written about you positively, you can share the article or review on your own social networks or in the newsletter.
If you find that someone has a negative experience with your company and you did not know about, you can discover and deal with it immediately just because you are monitoring your mentions.
Generally, you can use the monitoring to get valuable feedback.
You can also find out about the impact of your marketing campaigns. If the number of mentions increases during one of these campaigns, you can tell if the campaign was successful or vice versa.

Mentions about your competition:

Use in link building. Has anyone mentioned your competition in their article? If so, you can reach out to them and try to get mention and link for yourself as well.
You can discover the feedback that your competitors receive, which might be great source of inspiration for your own company.

Mentions of the keywords that are relevant to your business.

Use in link building. For example, if you wrote an article on how to choose an office chair, you can track the references to the relevant keywords for this article. You can then ask for a link to your content.
It is important to have a view about what's going on in your industry and stay on track. Mentions monitoring will help you to discover new trends, find feedback for different products, or come up with ideas for a new article.
With related keywords, you can discover new relevant websites that might be interesting for any kind of cooperation with your business.

Create a new project

To be able to monitor your brand, competition, and keywords, you need to start by creating a new project.

Sign in and go to the Projects section of the homepage. Click on Create new.
(Note: If you do not see the "create new" button, you probably have purchased a plan that allows you to add only one project.)

Creating a project is simple and intuitive. Simply enter your domain, language, and project type. If you have a sitemap, you can add it to the project. Marketing Miner will then download the first 1,000 URLs from the sitemap and check regularly if all URLs are indexable.

When you start a new project, you can also enter the keywords you want to track within the search results. But these are not keywords for monitoring yet. These are keywords for SERP rank tracking and monitoring.

If you don't know right now exactly what keywords you want to track, don't worry. Just insert at least a few keywords, and then you can come back later and edit your keyword options. You can do that by clicking on "Project Setup" in the upper right corner of the specific project.

Section of mentions monitoring

Once you've created your project, you'll see your dashboard, where you'll find a section Mentions Monitoring.

You don't see anything in the report yet, so you need to first add the mentions you want to monitor.

You can track mentions by email or RSS feed. You will find these settings in the last column of the saved monitoring.

It is possible to filter out the domain you do not want to have in your report because you might already know that mentions on this domains don't interest you.

Then you can see the details of the all mentions in one place. Click on the link "view all mentions (last week)" at the end of your monitoring. You'll land to a page where you can go through your mentions in more details. The advantage is that you can find all the references in one place and work with them freely. This is not just a one-time setting for monitoring and backward searching in emails.

Marketing Miner will also show you the date when the mention appeared on that domain or URL for the first time. This allows you to view, for example, mentions for the last month or last week.

You can check out the mentions according to phrases.

Or according to domains.

Output example

If you have not gone into your own project and mention monitoring setup yet, you can look at what the monitoring in Marketing Miner looks like.

📊 Sample of monitoring
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