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Last modified: 13.10.2020
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After entering the query into the Keyword profiler its whole profiling takes place and the user gets an overview on its search volume, CPC, search trends, similar queries and in case it’s available also an overview of Google search results.

Keyword profiler

You probably often face the situation when you need to get detailed information on some keywords quickly (not on thousands for which you would use miners in Reports section). That’s when Keyword profiler comes into the picture.

What data does it provide

Keyword profiler pulls data mainly from Google and therefore the given statistical data refer to this search engine. These are as follows:

  • Real keyword search volume
  • CPC (cost per click)
  • Keyword suggestions and their search volume and CPC
  • Overview of search results and adverts in search results

Keyword profiler section and its description

Below you will find a description of respective Keyword profiler sections:

Query statistics

query statistics

Query statistics represent basic information about the entered query. To be more specific, we are talking about abovementioned metrics like search volume, CPC and search trends of the query.

The user may use this section for a quick overview about the query.

Keyword suggestions

Keyword suggestions

Keyword suggestions are drawn from Marketing Miner’s internal database which collects data about queries with search volume from particular markets. The database currently reads the following size for particular markets:

  • Czech Republic: 3,1 Mill. keywords with a search volume higher than 10
  • Slovakia: 1,8 Mill. keywords with a search volume higher than 10
  • Poland: 15 Mill. keywords with a search volume higher than 10

Queries that include the entered query are pulled from this database as suggestions that are case-insensitive, disregard word order and diacritics.

You can then download the keyword suggestions by clicking the Download suggestions button and work with them further in Excel.

Overview of search results

Organic results

This section shows up only for queries for which Marketing Miner has stored SERP from the last month. If this is the case you’ll see information on search results and adverts.

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