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Last modified: 12.10.2022
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In addition to keyword suggestions, questions, and new keywords, another section of the Keyword profiler is the Trending keywords section. This section profiles trending keywords suggestions that have been searched within this year significantly more than in the previous year (by more than 100% YoY search volume). 

Data from this section might help you make a better decision for prioritizing content, stocking and expanding the product portfolio or with the paid campaigns.

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After inserting your keyword to the Keyword Profiler, the Trending keywords section will profile trending keywords data overview. These metrics are visible above the table in 3 boxes: 

  • Number of trending keywords suggestions
  • Total search volume
  • Average CPC

Trending keywords suggestions

Below the metrics, you can find a table with the trending keywords suggestions, which relates to your inserted keyword with the following columns:

  • Trending keywords – keywords have been searched within this year significantly more than in the previous year (by more than 100% YOY search volume).
  • Keyword search volume – average monthly search volume on Google (during the previous 12-month period). 
  • CPC – average cost per click in Google Ads.
  • Difficulty – It’s a number representing the difficulty to rank for the keyword in the TOP 10 search results. The higher number in the difficulty column is, the harder it is to rank for the top positions.
  • YoY Search volume change –  It is a percentage value representing the percentage of the year over year change that compares the monthly search volume of the latest month with the same month the previous year. 
  • Trends – search volume of the keyword in individual months searched within the last 12 months.
  • SERP features – the column shows a list of SERP features appearing in the search results for the given keyword.
Trending keywords table
TIP: With the free Minee plan, you are able to see only the first 10 trending keywords in organic search results. If you would like to see all the trending keywords, you will have to upgrade your Minee plan to one of the paid plans.


Above the table on the right side is the Filters button, which filtrates the results according to the following columns:

  • Keyword (contains/doesn’t contain)
  • Search volume  (less than, more than, the value between)
  • Difficulty  (less than, more than, the value between)
  • YoY Search volume change (less than, more than, the value between)
Filters in keyword profiler

Exporting trending keywords

You can download the entire list of trending keywords in Excel form by clicking the Export Data button. 

TIP: The cost of downloading the data for 1 keyword (entire row) is 5 credits.

How to work with Trending keywords data

This feature will help you discover keywords that have started to be searched this year significantly more than in the previous year and have great potential to focus on them in your content strategy.

Once you’ve downloaded trending keywords suggestions, you can clean the results for irrelevant phrases and then work with the output as part of your keyword analysis:

  • Uncovered keywords – Enter the trending keywords suggestions to the Landing Page miner to see whether you cover these keywords with any landing page.
  • Keywords covered by an irrelevant landing page – In addition to keywords without content on your site, it’s necessary to track how relevant the landing page you’re covering by the selected keyword is.
  • Prioritize content in internal link building – In internal link building, you can direct people as a matter of priority to landing pages based on trends. 
  • Stocking and expanding the product portfolio according to trends – E-commerce can use the data in the area of decision making with the stocking and expanding their product portfolio.
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