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An amazing content generates organic traffic and is one of the basic pillars of a convertible functioning web. So it hurts a lot, if someone steals it and uses it as their own. So fight the plagiarism back and let the Marketing Miner check and see if someone is stealing your content. Fight back!

Import of the URL that a user wants to check

First, it is necessary to specify URLs that need to have their content checked and in case there is match in the part of the content with another website, then we have to find out who is doing so. A user can either use the sitemap or import the list of checked URLs.

To import data, a user uses the section URL Miners, where they import URL dataset using one of the methods of import.

By pushing button Next step, a user gets to the miners selection.

Miner selection

In the miner selection section, a user selects Plagiarism Checker, which is the miner that will download URL content and finds out if there is a document in its database that matches a distinctive part of the content.

Output example
Example of output report

Column description

Input Data: Input URL that a duplicate content of a website was searched for
Plagiarism URL: URL that contains a duplicate part
Duplicate content: Link to URL content comparison tool in Marketing Miner that will show the duplicate parts of content
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