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Have you tried to collect data from the Adwords Keyword Planner tool? Its biggest flaw is processing larger amounts of data. The maximum number of queries returned to the user at output is 800. But what if a user wants this volume for a bigger amount of queries?

AdWords Suggest miner is here because of this. It takes every query that a user inserts at input, downloads a suggestion from AdWords and at output it returns user all outputs. And so a user doesn't have to go through Adwordsone by one and collect data. How to do this?

Input queries selection

First, select words for which you wish to get AdWords suggestions and insert them at input in the Keyword miners section. Make sure that you don't have any duplicate phrases in outputs. Usually, a few dozen of queries is enough at input because you get 800 queries for each of them at output.

After inserting queries, select a language, next to the Select miners button, for which you want to obtain suggestions from Adwords and then click on Select miners.

Miner selection

In the second step, select the AdWords Suggest miner which collects data from its suggestions and click on Get data.

Data processing and analysis

Miner will process queries into AdWords and once finished, it will re-direct a user to reporting section. The output for queries "seo, marketing" looks for like this for instance:

Example of output report

Column description

Keyword: Suggested query from the Adwords Keyword Tool.
Cpc: Estimated price for a click-through of AdWords ads for a given phrase.
Competition: Competitiveness of a query according to the AdWords tool. More on what competitiveness ishere.
SearchVolume: Average monthly search volume of a phrase in Google. This figure is calculated as an average for the last 12 months.
Source: We use more sources for some of the markets (i.e. for Czech Republic Skliktool). And so this column shows the source of suggested query.
[Year]-[Month]: Search volume of query for given month (because of ability of determining a trend)

How to use collected data in practice

One of the ways of how to use obtained queries is query features that enter the key phrases analysis. Secondary use-case can be:

Research of related queries with a specific theme
Verification of search volume of similar queries compared to given query
Research for PPC
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