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Link prospecting is a cornerstone for a linkbuilder, before he starts talking to potential partners. It basically is a table/list of potential partners and detailed information about them. How to get to a list of websites that could be used within linkbuilding strategy?

Marketing Miner has the Link prospecting miner for this purpose. This miner will inquire about the input queries from search engines and its own database and then it will attempt to return corresponding websites at the output. How to do it?

Selecting queries for which potential partners should be visible in search engines

First, it is necessary to put together and write down topics and corresponding queries for which could potential partners be visible in Google search results. Those need to be then inserted at Keyword Miners input:

After inserting queries, select a state, next to the Select miners button, for which you want to search for potential parter website and then click on Select miners.

Miner selection

In the second step, select the Link prospecting miner. It is located on the bottom left side. After checking it, it is necessary to choose a filter of opportunities that you want to get out of the research. So if all (Default) opportunities for guest posting or bloggers, etc. The tool has filters set up for individual languages through which it then searches for websites in search engines. Bloggers, that are searched for in Google when selecting this filter in combination with the query:
[QUERY] ("blog" OR "blogger" OR inurl:blog)

Data processing and analysis

Miner goes through individual queries and obtains, with the help of this filter, the first 60 Google search results. For these, it will then determine which domains and URL occurred at the input most often and those were then returned at the output.

Example of output report

Column description

Landing page: URL, that occurred at outputs.
Number of occurences: Number of URL occurrances in search results forinput queries.
Domain: Domain/website, corresponding with given URL.
Keyword: Phrase, for which URL was found.

How to use link prospecting in practice

Link prospecting is useful for linkbuilders whenever they look for source data for their research. That means whenever they need a list of websites that cover a certain type of queries and those that they want to approach.
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