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How is the web doing in terms of security for its users? What are the gaps and what should be focused on? Marketing Miner uses two sources for this: Google Safe Browsing, through which it tests if there was any malware found on a domain and Mozilla Observatory, which tests several aspects of web security.

Domain selection for the check

A user first creates a list of domains that he wants to check security for. This list will then be inserted into the Domain miners input:

He then clicks on Select miners.

Miner selection

In the second step a user selects the miner Security testing and clicks on Get data.

Output analysis

The output for the user will be in form of a report with an overview of security of inserted domains and their rankings ( A to F, where F is the worst security ranking). In case of any problems, a user can go to a complete output of testing from the tool. That output can look like this:

Example of the output report

Column description

Contains Mallware: Test from Google Safe Browsing, which tests if there is any malware on the domain.
Grade: Ranking from A to F (F = the worst) of the overall security testing from Mozilla Observatory
Score: Score (a different type of a grade expression) of security evaluation from Mozilla Observatory
Tests Failed: Number of security tests in which a domain failed according to Mozilla Observatory
Tests Passed: Number of security tests in which a domain passed according to Mozilla Observatory
URL to scan: URL with the details about testing in Mozilla Observatory
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